What Makes An Event App Engaging

Event organisers are currently zeroing in on the experiential approach to plan events. Good content is simply not enough anymore; attendees need different forms of engagement for them to feel like they’ve had a productive time in any event.

For this reason, you should consider a new solution for your events and conferences: the event app. An event app has different features that may improve the user experience of attendees. If you would like to know how this type of application improves attendee experience, here are a few examples:

1.) Social media integration

Some event apps have a social media component to them. Attendees may snap selfies using a built-in frame in the app and share it in different social media platforms. One plug-in that may be applied to the event app is Twitter since hashtags founds in tweets are easy to track. By simply opening the app, attendees may gain access to a dedicated wall for the event hashtag. This way, they will see what other attendees think about the event and what they are publicly sharing to their followers. The idea here is to encourage feedback and to create an online buzz that is advantageous to the promotion of an event.

2.) Networking

Secondly, networking is another way by which attendees can keep themselves engaged throughout an event. Features such as in-app messaging and matchmaking solutions are a good way to promote attendee interaction. For business and professional conferences, the amount of meaningful exchanges that attendees have among each other adds value to the event. Moreover, the event app may also be used for arranged meetings where attendees can access their diary and see with whom they should meet at a specific time and place.

3.) Push notifications

Lastly, push notifications make the entire experience of attendees more active and engaged. Push notifications are used to remind attendees of sessions and anything that’s on their agenda. If there are any announcements from the event organisers as well, information can be easily cascaded to attendees in a matter of seconds. Push notifications show to the attendees that behind the scenes of the event, there is a team dedicated to their real-time experience. Of course, for those, who do not want to receive these notifications, they can always turn it off through the app settings.

You may also consider researching about another type of mobile application: the event check in app.